Getting ready

One week to go before we are going to kick off the second edition of this TELL and Teaching course. After last year’s pilot programme which we evaluated thoroughly, we are now ready to make a good start with the revised programme and materials. I am starting a new blog to demonstrate how you can use blogging to keep track of your experience and progress during the course. The idea is not just for students to learn and develop, but also for me to continue working on my ICT knowledge and skills. Both my colleague and I will post weekly blogs reporting on the course content, the lectures, eye-openers, background reading, inspiration and what not. For those students who already like to get a better idea of what to expect here, I refer to my TELL and Teaching blog from last year, which you can find here. But the best way to get inspired is to start following all classmates as well, so you can read their new posts immediately. You can follow them by email or by using the Reader in wordpress. You are expected to follow your tutor through WordPress (using Reader), so that she has easy access to your blog.

This week we are mostly busy preparing the first session and materials, but also making an appointment with the iXperium to plan and prepare the field trip which is part of this programme. I expect this course to be interesting for both students and me.



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