I just wanted to make a quick note to inform you that you may want to take part in this interesting competition that could take you back to Oxford!

Oxford, England

All you need to do is create a presentation or a video to show how your English language teaching has changed lives for the better. You can focus on an individual student or a class or an entire school or institution. You create a video or presentation and then enter the competition.

You may think this does not involve technology and does not belong on this TELL blog, but have a closer look and you will see that you need to use some of your instrumental, information and media skills to enter this competition. What is more, depending on what you refer to that has changed lives by your ELT, you may use some of the other skills mentioned on the document Eindkwalificaties leren en lesgeven met ict (link). If you decide to take part in the competition, do not forget to blog about it (and let me know if you win :-).

For all details of the competition, visit the OUP website here.


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