Blogging students

Yes, you are on a roll! I have read and commented on quite a few student blogs now. It is great to see that most of you have started their blogs and have written some interesting blog posts with even more interesting references to websites, articles, apps and more. If I have not commented on your blog yet, this means I have not found you. Make sure you log in on your wordpresspage, then go to mine and click on follow (by blog, NOT by email). This way I can see you in my admin and will follow you back. It is quite handy if I can see your name somewhere… in some cases I only know you are my student because of the title and content 🙂 I see quite a few familiar references to apps and websites such as Duolingo, Memrise, Trello and Kahoot. Kahoot brings back memories to our first TELL and Teaching course last year, when the majority of students used it for their TELL Design Assignment. This is the reason why this year we have decided not accept it for the Design Assignment. It is advisable to start thinking about your TELL Design Assignment, by the way, so that you can check with me if your idea is feasible and acceptable for this part of the course. I have not seen any students exploring one of my favourites, Padlet, yet, even though this simple but effective website offers many possibilities for use in class. I have made a quick sample to demonstrate some of its applications, check and see if it inspires you to design a lesson with: Padlet.


What have I been up to technology-wise this week? I am preparing a workshop for primary school teachers which leads me to different places, not all of which are worth mentioning here. But in primary schools interactive whiteboards have been used much longer than in secondary schools and it might be an interesting place to check out of you are looking for practical teaching ideas with technology. If you have easy access to a prima school, you could always explore their use of technology there as well. The most interesting news about technology and teaching that I heard about this past week was Minecraft for education. Since we are going to discuss gamification this week, I watched the trailer and read about an interesting workshop about using Minecraft for educational purposes in Utrecht on 18 March next. I have added the link to MinecraftEdu to the TELL Toolbox, so you can have a look yourself and think about possible applications. In class we will discuss the advantages of using interactive computer games for ELT, so bring your game mindset! Are you (or your pupils) ready to learn by playing?

Watch the video about Minecraft here:

Schermafbeelding 2016-03-02 om 14.23.58Latest read: more tips for games for education can be found in this blog by one of you here. (comment: Unfortunately this post was removed)


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