Transmedia storytelling

headeruitnodiginginanimatealiceartwork1kopieIf you like teaching reading, you may be interested in finding out how you can enhance or even transform reading in such a way that readers become better or become more enthusiastic about reading (or even better: both!). This subject is being studied by one of our colleagues, who helps to organise an event about reading skills for secondary education at iXperium Arnhem next month. We have already referred to Inanimate Alice  in this TELL & Teaching course  – our colleague’s PhD research aims to find out if using the pupils’ digital reading environment, for instance transmedia storytelling like in Inanimate Alice, could enhance their higher order reading skills.logo

Read more about our colleague’s research and the iXpiration Event here. You will see that our TELLtutorA will run a workshop about enriching a short reading text there. Unfortunately the event is not aimed at student teachers, but I thought I would inform you about it anyway because of its relevance to this course and digital literacies. Especially the description of the research may be of interest to put digital literacies and the SAMR model into a meaningul context. And if you have not explored Inanimate Alice yourself yet, you should do it now!


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